The First One To Die – Victoria Jenkins
Book Reviews / 19 October 2017

The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins is even better than her first King & Lane book, The Girls in the Water.

First things first, how AMAZING is the cover? I wanted to read The Girls in the Water, but my TBR was so big that I was afraid I couldn’t squeeze it in. I’d seen fantastic reviews for it, but I didn’t want to overextend myself on how many reviews I owed already.

But how in the world did Victoria Jenkins know how much I loved roses? When the cover reveal was shown for The First One to Die, I HAD to read it. So I dropped what I was doing and read The Girls in the Water. I wanted to be ready for when The First One to Die was available. A testament to how cover design is a potent marketing tool.

The Girls in the Water – Victoria Jenkins
Book Reviews / 22 September 2017

The Girls in the Water is a strong debut by Victoria Jenkins.

Holy Moley Guacamole.  Women detectives in a twisty book go straight to my heart faster than food in my belly.  

A crime novel through and through, Victoria Jenkins introduces us to detectives Alex King and Chloe Lane. They are investigating the murders of two women, found in the water (SHOCKER!) in a park. And soon enough, Chloe realizes she may be in danger as well.