The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 26 October 2017

If you’ve ever had a job from hell, then The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards is for you!

After taking time away from her career to stay home with her daughter Daisy, Sophie Greenwood has just now returned to the workforce. Sophie is beyond excited as she begins her dream job at Jackdaw Books as a manager in their marketing division.

But right from the very first day, things begin going wrong. Starting with tension with her attractive and aloof subordinate, Cassie. Then, things begin happening to Sophie that has her questioning her sanity. And what happened to her predecessor, who just upped and disappeared with no notice, never to be heard from again?

The Lucky Ones – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 13 October 2017

In Mark Edwards’ The Lucky Ones, he ventures into a detective/crime thriller, which I’ve never read by him before. Bravo, I think he did a fantabulous job!

Detective Imogen Evans is working on a case, where bodies are showing up dead, seemingly in peaceful bliss, complete with smiles on their faces. This serial killer has been dubbed, “The Viper.”

Ben, my book boyfriend.

In a separate storyline, Ben Hofland’s life is a little bit out of control. He’s undergoing a painful divorce, kids are bullying his son Ollie, he’s desperate for work, and his neighbors are horrible. Woah… that’s a lot for a guy to handle.

Because She Loves Me – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 29 July 2017

Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards is a fantastic read, full of past traumas, jealous rages, and all of the women in Andrew’s life.

Andrew Sumner is a lonely computer nerd with a painful past. His only family is his sister Tilly, who has paraplegia. When he met Charlie, his entire world lit up, and he was happier than ever. Formerly a work from home recluse, he is suddenly beginning to interact with the world again.

Consenting Adults – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 26 July 2017

Consenting Adults by Mark Edwards is a short story featuring Edward Rooney, PI from the 2015 book, Follow You Home.

I am not much of a fan of short stories. Due to their length, I miss the development of the scenes and characters. Mark Edwards introduces us to Edward Rooney in Follow You Home, which mitigates the lack of character development a little.

The Magpies – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 20 July 2017

The Magpies by Mark Edwards takes annoying neighbors to a whole new level. The hoaxes begin. Some are harmless, but some are deadly.

Even though a few clues were left, the twist at the end caught me by surprise. I’ve since begun listening to another book by Mark Edwards where there is mention of the character involved in the twist. I enjoy those types of elements in books.

The Magpies is a definitive 4-star book for me. The Magpies was my second book by Mark Edwards, and I am currently in the process of reading a third.

Follow You Home – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 5 July 2017

Follow you home starts on a train trip where Laura and Daniel are on an adventure.  They meet Ian and Alina, whom convince the sleepy Laura and Daniel to stow away in an empty sleeper compartment for a snooze.  As they come around to check passports, Laura and Daniel awaken to find that theirs are missing.