Safe With Me – K. L. Slater
Book Reviews / 6 October 2017

Safe With Me by K. L. Slater is a psychological thriller that has secured its place on my 2017 Top Books list. The number one spot so far, in fact. And 2017 is almost over, so chances are, it will stay there! And to believe this is her debut psychological thriller, to boot!
Ms. Slater has jumped to the top of my favorite author’s list, along with Carol Wyer and Patricia Gibney.

Safe With Me is a story about Anna, Carla, and Liam. Anna witnesses a vehicle versus motorbike accident, where she rushes to the biker’s side to hold his hand while they await the medics.

And then she sees the driver of the vehicle. Memories from 13 years ago come flooding back, and Anna’s plan to see this woman punished is born. Carla nearly killed a biker, and she shall pay!

The Mistake – K. L. Slater
Book Reviews / 1 October 2017

The Mistake by K. L. Slater the kind of book you hold up in front of you while you’re bumping into walls, as you make your way through your house.  Not that I speak from experience or anything.  (Rubbing forehead)

I simply COULD NOT put this book down.  (I wasn’t kidding about bumping into the wall).

Rose is a 30-something bulimic, broken woman who’s had a rough life. Sixteen years ago her 8-year-old brother, Billy disappeared, while under her watch.  Billy is found dead and Rose’s world unravels.

Liar – K.L. Slater
Book Reviews / 24 May 2017

K.L. Slater’s portrayal of the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship in turmoil in Liar was… woah. Judi and Amber… woah.

I found this book to be easily understandable and a quick read. By the end, everything was topsy-turvy – I had an inkling of what was going on… but there was way more to it than I thought and just wow.