The Silent Children – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 11 January 2018

Carol Wyer is my favorite author, and The Silent Children is the 4th in her DI Robyn Carter series. What else can I say, other than “Fantabulous”!?

At first, I was a little confused because I was expecting the book to be about children. But that doesn’t make it any less of a book, once I realized it wasn’t. Perhaps the adults are categorized as children. LOL

A little boy discovers a body in Cannock Chase of a man deceased in his vehicle, shot in the neck. Next thing we know, seemingly unrelated bodies start piling up.

The Missing Girls – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 15 August 2017

Holy Missing Girls Batman by Carol Wyer. Ok, that’s not the real title of the book, but that’s how I felt after I read it. WOW.

DI Robyn Carter and her extraordinary team are back. While pouncing on a self-storage locker during an apparent drug bust, they find a large trunk. They open it believing they will find illegal substances, only to find a dead girl. While they work to uncover the identity of the girl, another goes missing.

Secrets of the Dead – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 20 June 2017

Carol Wyer’s second DI Robyn Carter novel is zoom, zoom, zoom… I love a good roller coaster. The kind that’s in the dark, where you don’t see what’s coming next. Twisty, turny, stomach dropping. Yep, that’s Secrets of the Dead.

Little Girl Lost – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 14 June 2017

My review of Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer

2017 has been a feast of 5-star books for me and Carol Wyer is at the top of my list. It was minutes between ending Little Girl Lost and beginning the next in the series, Secrets of the Dead.

Carol Wyer weaves a tale of hurt, pain, secrets, and changed identities. Abigail is the center of a whirlwind of activity. Missing people, dead people, and Abigail is being threatened. Creepy voiced phone calls, voices in her house, emails, texts… all that disappear as quickly as they appear. Her husband Jackson thinks she’s lost her mind.