The Sound of Rain – Gregg Olsen
Book Reviews / 17 January 2018

Holy crows, The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen is twister than my intestines on the day after Thanksgiving. What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?

Nicole Foster – if she wasn’t in need of therapy at the beginning of this book, she sure will be needing it by the end. Oh. My. Gosh.

Nicole is down on her luck. She has a gambling addiction; she’s lost her job, her pup, her ass-hat boyfriend (ok, not much of a loss there), and is sleeping at a women’s shelter because her sister is a witch who won’t allow her to stay over more than one night.

If that’s enough to make one cray-cray, then just wait until you see what happens in this book! Holy moly. (There’s a lot of holies in this review!).

The Silent Children – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 11 January 2018

Carol Wyer is my favorite author, and The Silent Children is the 4th in her DI Robyn Carter series. What else can I say, other than “Fantabulous”!?

At first, I was a little confused because I was expecting the book to be about children. But that doesn’t make it any less of a book, once I realized it wasn’t. Perhaps the adults are categorized as children. LOL

A little boy discovers a body in Cannock Chase of a man deceased in his vehicle, shot in the neck. Next thing we know, seemingly unrelated bodies start piling up.

The Drowned Girls – Loreth Anne White
Book Reviews / 16 December 2017

Loreth Anne White has done it again with The Drowned Girls. WOW. She is the queen of backstories and romantic thrillers. The Drowned Girls isn’t even a mystery; it’s an actual thriller. Really and for true. And don’t let the length of the book fool you, it will keep you ensnared. I promise.

Angie Pallorino is a sex-crimes detective, vying for a spot in homicide investigations. In the past, Angie has lost a partner, which she still holds herself responsible. Her vice? Anonymous sex with men she meets at a club.

Crossing the Line – Kerry Wilkinson
Book Reviews , Spotlights / 12 December 2017

Holy-crazy-balls, Crossing the Line is by far my favorite Kerry Wilkinson book. And I’m not just saying that because I am part of the Publication Day Blast. It’s for true and for real.

Let me preempt this by saying, you DO NOT need to have read any of the prior books to read Crossing the Line. Sure, it’s #8 in the series, but this functions very well as a stand-alone novel as well.

The Killer Inside – Kerry Wilkinson
Book Reviews / 6 December 2017

Previously released as “Locked In” published by Pan Macmillan, The Killer Inside by Kerry Wilkinson was re-released by Bookouture in 2016.

The Killer Inside is the first book in the Jessica Daniel series. I am committed to this series, as I love Kerry Wilkonson and his books.  The Killer Inside was no exception.

While it took me a while to read it (holidays, work, everything gets in the way!!), I was surprised to see how long it was after I’d finished. On my Kindle, I just see the percentage complete. But apparently, it’s 400 pages! Who knew? Not this girl!  This good read flew by!

The Girl Who Was Taken – Charlie Donlea
Book Reviews / 28 October 2017

Charlie Donlea wrote The Girl Who Was Taken, and woah-what-a-thriller. I listened to the audible version of this book, and I listened to it ferociously. I saw a bunch of mediocre reviews, but I don’t see it the same way they do. The Girl Who Was Taken was a fantabulous read for me!

Two girls, Megan and Nicole, go missing from a beach party right before they are due to head off to college. Two weeks later, Megan returns. Nicole does not.

A year has gone by, and Megan has a bestselling book about her harrowing experience and subsequent triumphant recovery. But Nicole is still missing.

The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 26 October 2017

If you’ve ever had a job from hell, then The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards is for you!

After taking time away from her career to stay home with her daughter Daisy, Sophie Greenwood has just now returned to the workforce. Sophie is beyond excited as she begins her dream job at Jackdaw Books as a manager in their marketing division.

But right from the very first day, things begin going wrong. Starting with tension with her attractive and aloof subordinate, Cassie. Then, things begin happening to Sophie that has her questioning her sanity. And what happened to her predecessor, who just upped and disappeared with no notice, never to be heard from again?

The First One To Die – Victoria Jenkins
Book Reviews / 19 October 2017

The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins is even better than her first King & Lane book, The Girls in the Water.

First things first, how AMAZING is the cover? I wanted to read The Girls in the Water, but my TBR was so big that I was afraid I couldn’t squeeze it in. I’d seen fantastic reviews for it, but I didn’t want to overextend myself on how many reviews I owed already.

But how in the world did Victoria Jenkins know how much I loved roses? When the cover reveal was shown for The First One to Die, I HAD to read it. So I dropped what I was doing and read The Girls in the Water. I wanted to be ready for when The First One to Die was available. A testament to how cover design is a potent marketing tool.

The Lucky Ones – Mark Edwards
Book Reviews / 13 October 2017

In Mark Edwards’ The Lucky Ones, he ventures into a detective/crime thriller, which I’ve never read by him before. Bravo, I think he did a fantabulous job!

Detective Imogen Evans is working on a case, where bodies are showing up dead, seemingly in peaceful bliss, complete with smiles on their faces. This serial killer has been dubbed, “The Viper.”

Ben, my book boyfriend.

In a separate storyline, Ben Hofland’s life is a little bit out of control. He’s undergoing a painful divorce, kids are bullying his son Ollie, he’s desperate for work, and his neighbors are horrible. Woah… that’s a lot for a guy to handle.

Safe With Me – K. L. Slater
Book Reviews / 6 October 2017

Safe With Me by K. L. Slater is a psychological thriller that has secured its place on my 2017 Top Books list. The number one spot so far, in fact. And 2017 is almost over, so chances are, it will stay there! And to believe this is her debut psychological thriller, to boot!
Ms. Slater has jumped to the top of my favorite author’s list, along with Carol Wyer and Patricia Gibney.

Safe With Me is a story about Anna, Carla, and Liam. Anna witnesses a vehicle versus motorbike accident, where she rushes to the biker’s side to hold his hand while they await the medics.

And then she sees the driver of the vehicle. Memories from 13 years ago come flooding back, and Anna’s plan to see this woman punished is born. Carla nearly killed a biker, and she shall pay!