The Stolen Girls – Patricia Gibney

14 May 2017
The Stolen Girls Book Cover The Stolen Girls
Lottie Parker #2
Patricia Gibney
Psychological Thriller
July 6, 2017

The young woman standing on Lottie’s step was a stranger. She was clutching the hand of a young boy. ‘Help me,’ she said to Lottie. ‘Please help me.’

One Monday morning, the body of a young pregnant woman is found. The same day, a mother and her son visit the house of Detective Lottie Parker, begging for help to find a lost friend.

Could this be the same girl?

When a second victim is discovered by the same man, with the murder bearing all the same hallmarks as the first, Lottie needs to work fast to discover how else the two were linked. Then two more girls go missing.

Detective Lottie Parker is a woman on the edge, haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her family together through difficult times. Can she fight her own demons and catch the killer before he claims another victim?

My Review of The Stolen Girls by Patricia Gibney

This is the 2nd novel by Patricia Gibney.  It follows her amazing debut, The Missing Ones.  I gave The Missing Ones 5 stars, and I liked this one even better… but alas, goodreads won’t let me give it 6 stars.

Welcome back to Lottie, Boyd, Kirby and company!  Ignoring the plot for a second, one of my favorite things was delving further into these characters lives.  I enjoy their personal stories as much as the plot of the book.

Some girls are missing, some girls are dead and Lottie and company are racing to figure out what is going on!  As was I… I devoured this book as much as I could as time allowed.

I had commented in my previous review how much I loved her fictional town of Ragmullin.  During The Missing Ones, it was a gloomy, dreary winter – adding to the creep factor.  Now it is spring in Ragmullin and even with the snow and sleet gone, it’s still just as creepy as ever… I could practically hear the hollow sounds of lonely trains during every outdoor scene.

I really cannot comment on the story itself because I don’t want to give anything away.  But know that it was just as amazing and twisty as her first novel!

I read through the grapevine that Patricia Gibney was contracted for four books – I absolutely cannot wait until the next two come out. Books like this make me happy dance!

The Stolen Girls Patricia Gibney


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