The Silent Girls by Dylan Young is the first book in the Anna Gwynne series. What a great start! 17-year-old Nia has a sleepover in her family's stable for her birthday one evening. Her father goes to check on her and finds her friend drugged and barely conscious and his daughter missing. Soon, Nia is found dead, in a shallow grave, with her arm reaching out and stab wounds all over her body. Strikingly similar to Emily's body found eigh...

Holy crows, The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen is twister than my intestines on the day after Thanksgiving. What. The. Hell. Just. Happened? Nicole Foster - if she wasn’t in need of therapy at the beginning of this book, she sure will be needing it by the end. Oh. My. Gosh. Nicole is down on her luck. She has a gambling addiction; she’s lost her job, her pup, her ass-hat boyfriend (ok, not much of a loss there), and is sleeping at a women’...

His Kidnapper’s Shoes is the first book I’ve read by Maggie James. This was a little gem of a book. It’s shortish, so it’s an easy read (or listen in my case!). But don’t let that fool you, there’s a lot of story packed into those 200-some-odd pages. 26-year-old Daniel has never truly bonded with his mother the way most kids have. Then, he and his stepfather just outright did not get along. (He refers to him as asshole many times throughout...

Carol Wyer is my favorite author, and The Silent Children is the 4th in her DI Robyn Carter series. What else can I say, other than "Fantabulous"!? At first, I was a little confused because I was expecting the book to be about children. But that doesn't make it any less of a book, once I realized it wasn't. Perhaps the adults are categorized as children. LOL A little boy discovers a body in Cannock Chase of a man deceased in his vehicle,...

The Fourth Monkey Killer starts with a man getting hit by a bus, and in his possession they find a notorious white box tied with black ribbon. In the box? An ear. Detectives Porter, Nash, and Claire (she has a last name, but she mostly went by Claire) kick into gear, when they realize that this man is the Four Monkey Killer. The Four Monkey Killer kidnaps women, delivers their ears, eyes, and tongue in succession before finally killing ...

The Lullaby Girl by Loreth Anne White is a novel that delves much more deeply into the past of Angie Pallorino, the heroine of book 1, The Drowned Girls. There are a lot of series books you can get away with reading out of order, but I don’t feel this series is one of them. Do yourself a favor and read The Drowned Girls - the 5-star book 1 in the Angie Pallorino series. It’s hard to discuss The Lullaby Girl without giving away The Drowned G...

Loreth Anne White has done it again with The Drowned Girls. WOW. She is the queen of backstories and romantic thrillers. The Drowned Girls isn’t even a mystery; it’s an actual thriller. Really and for true. And don’t let the length of the book fool you, it will keep you ensnared. I promise. Angie Pallorino is a sex-crimes detective, vying for a spot in homicide investigations. In the past, Angie has lost a partner, which she still holds her...

Holy-crazy-balls, Crossing the Line is by far my favorite Kerry Wilkinson book. And I’m not just saying that because I am part of the Publication Day Blast. It’s for true and for real. Let me preempt this by saying, you DO NOT need to have read any of the prior books to read Crossing the Line. Sure, it’s #8 in the series, but this functions very well as a stand-alone novel as well.

Previously released as "Locked In" published by Pan Macmillan, The Killer Inside by Kerry Wilkinson was re-released by Bookouture in 2016. The Killer Inside is the first book in the Jessica Daniel series. I am committed to this series, as I love Kerry Wilkonson and his books.  The Killer Inside was no exception. While it took me a while to read it (holidays, work, everything gets in the way!!), I was surprised to see how long it was afte...

One sentence of advice. Go into Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll blind. Seriously, I would not have enjoyed the book nearly as much if I had known the subject matter I was going in. Because of that, the primary twist was a “Woah” instead of a “Meh.” “Ah-knee” Finelli has it all. The perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect fiancé, the perfect life. But deep inside Ani Finelli, things just aren’t perfect. Because once upon a time sh...

Reported Missing – Sarah Wray
Book Reviews / 24 June 2017

I give Reported Missing by Sarah Wray 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 stars.  I will tell you why in a minute. To say Rebecca is having a rough time is an understatement.  One day, her husband goes to work and never comes back.  In other news, there's a 14 year old girl, Kaleigh, who went missing the same day. Are they linked together?  

Secrets of the Dead – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 20 June 2017

Carol Wyer's second DI Robyn Carter novel is zoom, zoom, zoom... I love a good roller coaster. The kind that's in the dark, where you don't see what's coming next. Twisty, turny, stomach dropping. Yep, that's Secrets of the Dead.

Little Girl Lost – Carol Wyer
Book Reviews / 14 June 2017

My review of Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer 2017 has been a feast of 5-star books for me and Carol Wyer is at the top of my list. It was minutes between ending Little Girl Lost and beginning the next in the series, Secrets of the Dead. Carol Wyer weaves a tale of hurt, pain, secrets, and changed identities. Abigail is the center of a whirlwind of activity. Missing people, dead people, and Abigail is being threatened. Creepy...

Guilty – Laura Elliot
Book Reviews / 9 June 2017

I wanted to like Guilty by Laura Elliot, I really did. I still gave it 3 stars because it was well paced, the story line was good, and there were parts I loved. That said, there were also parts I didn't love.

He Said/She Said – Erin Kelly
Book Reviews / 29 May 2017

Holy twisty batman, can Erin Kelly weave a web of lies. Almost all of the main characters are hiding something. Some we know up front, some we find out later. Just wait for later... wow. The very last sentence was the final twist. It is by far the best last sentence I recall ever reading. As I approached the ending, I had this pegged as a 4 star book in my head. But the final sentence made this a clear 5 star winner.

Liar – K.L. Slater
Book Reviews / 24 May 2017

K.L. Slater's portrayal of the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship in turmoil in Liar was... woah. Judi and Amber... woah. I found this book to be easily understandable and a quick read. By the end, everything was topsy-turvy - I had an inkling of what was going on... but there was way more to it than I thought and just wow.

Silent Scream – Angela Marsons
Book Reviews / 21 May 2017

This is the first book I've read by Angela Marsons and I am SO glad that there are 5 more books in this series! *happy dance* Although Angela Marsons' books came out earlier, I read (and LOVED) Patricia Gibney's Lottie Parker series first - and these books are very similar in style. So if you've read Patricia Gibney and loved her, then run (don't walk!) to collect Angels Marsons' Kim Stone book series!

The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Lesley Welsh
Book Reviews / 18 May 2017

The Serial Killer's Daughter by Lesley Welsh was a most enjoyable book to read. I would have preferred that the book hat a different title. By going in blind to the fact that, well... her dad is a serial killer. That fact is not revealed initially... Dad is weird, raunchy, creepy. Dad clearly has secrets, however, there are all kinds of dirty deeds that could have been hidden. I might have even been a little surprised to find ...

The Stolen Girls – Patricia Gibney
Book Reviews / 14 May 2017

This is the 2nd novel by Patricia Gibney. It follows her amazing debut, The Missing Ones. I gave The Missing Ones 5 stars, and I liked this one even better... but alas, goodreads won't let me give it 6 stars. Welcome back to Lottie, Boyd, Kirby and company!  Ignoring the plot for a second, one of my favorite things was delving further into these characters lives.  I enjoy their personal stories as much as the plot of the book. ...

The Darkest Lies by Barbara Copperthwaite
Book Reviews / 9 May 2017

Despite the fact that I enjoyed The Darkest Lies by Barbara Copperhwaite, this is a difficult review to write. Let me start out by saying I loved the story... It kept me engaged throughout the entire book. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Even though I had guessed the who the "bad guy" was at 51%, imagine my surprise when I realized I tied that "bad guy" to the wrong "bad thing".