The Mistake – K. L. Slater

1 October 2017
The Mistake Book Cover The Mistake
K.L. Slater
4 October 2017

You think you know the truth about the people you love.

But one discovery can change everything…

Eight-year-old Billy goes missing one day, out flying his kite with his sister Rose. Two days later, he is found dead.

Sixteen years on, Rose still blames herself for Billy’s death. How could she have failed to protect her little brother?

Rose has never fully recovered from the trauma, and one of the few people she trusts is her neighbor Ronnie, who she has known all her life. But one day Ronnie falls ill, and Rose goes next door to help him… and what she finds in his attic room turns her world upside down.

Rose thought she knew the truth about what happened to Billy. She thought she knew her neighbor. Now the only thing she knows is that she is in danger… 

The Mistake by K. L. Slater

The Mistake by K. L. Slater the kind of book you hold up in front of you while you’re bumping into walls, as you make your way through your house.  Not that I speak from experience or anything.  (Rubbing forehead)

I simply COULD NOT put this book down.  (I wasn’t kidding about bumping into the wall).

Rose is a 30-something bulimic, broken woman who’s had a rough life. Sixteen years ago her 8-year-old brother, Billy disappeared, while under her watch.  Billy is found dead and Rose’s world unravels.

Now, a broken bulimic, she lives a quiet mundane life.  She works as a librarian and helps take care of her neighbor Ronnie.  Ronnie and his wife were always there for Rose and her family.  But now widowed, he’s alone and takes a turn for the worst with his health.

While he is in the hospital, Rose decides to welcome him home to a clean house.  But as she is cleaning, she makes a grave discovery in his spare bedroom, which rocks her world once again.

Ms. Slater has conjured up quite the plot here.  The description and my summary do not do this book justice.  It’s so much more than what it sounds like.

This story is told in alternating time periods, present and sixteen years earlier.  They are easy to distinguish, and you will not get lost.

The characters are realistic and easy to feel for.  Caught between her boyfriend and her best friend you can feel Rose’s confusion and frustration.

The Mistake twists you around curves you did not even know existed. This isn’t my first K. L. Slater book, nor will it be my last.  Five twisty stars.

Thank you to K. L. Slater, Bookouture, and Netgalley for an advanced copy of The Mistake.  All opinions are solely my own.

The Mistake by K. L. Slater

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