The Lost Child – Patricia Gibney

29 September 2017
The Lost Child Book Cover The Lost Child
Detective Lottie Parker #3
Patricia Gibney
27 October 2017

They placed me in here and threw away the key. I look down at the gown they’ve put on me. I want my own clothes. I don’t know how long I’ve been here.

An elderly woman is found murdered in her own home, and Detective Lottie Parker and her partner Detective Boyd are called in to investigate. When they discover that the victim’s daughter is missing as well, they start to fear for the safety of the whole family…

Two days later as a nearby house is set on fire and with the body count rising, Lottie and her team begin to unpick a web of secrets and lies, as the murders seem to link back to a case investigated by Lottie’s father before he took his own life.

With little knowledge of what really happened to her father, Lottie knows this is a case that could give her some answers. But how much does she want to know? And how far is Lottie prepared to dig to uncover the truth?

The Lost Child by Patricia Gibney

Patricia Gibney’s The Lost Child is more shocking than a bug in a zapper! WOW! I spent a lot of time bouncing in my seat, waiting for this book to come about for us to review. It was worth the impatient wait!

DI Parker and DS Boyd attend to a murder on the outskirts of Ragmullin. It’s a senior woman, at her daughter’s house. And the daughter is missing.

From that point on, The Lost Child takes off. There are flashbacks of a girl in a mental facility. A drunk prostitute who keeps having babies. A drug ring. And twisty relationships that weave in and out of each other. It’s a crazy ride.

And, as is ever present with each Lottie Parker book, she continues to delve into her father’s long-ago death.

Bestill my heart Ragmullin

So, let me first start off by talking about Ragmullin. I am not typically a reader that cares about the location of the book. I rarely know where the book takes place because that just isn’t a detail my mind gives much attention.

However, I LOVE Ragmullin. It’s entirely fictional and ever so spooky. A lot goes on in that small country town, and it has an eerie vibe to it that adds to the story. I would move to Ragmullin if it were real. Spooky towns thrill me.

The entire second half of the book was read in one sitting. OK, I stopped to get some water and use the restroom. But that was it. While the entire book is fantastic, that second half had me stuck to the book like glue.

It was an actual roller coaster ride, and I feel very privileged that I was able to read and review this book so soon. What an enjoyable treat. Five spooky stars!

Thank you to Patricia Gibney, Bookouture, and Netgalley for giving me this opportunity. All opinions are my own.

Also by Patricia Gibney:  The Missing Ones (Lottie Parker #1) and The Stolen Girls (Lottie Parker #2).

Lost Child - Patricia Gibney

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