Hidden – Kendra Elliot

27 August 2017
Hidden Book Cover Hidden
Bone Secrets #1
Kendra Elliot
Montlake Romance
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Eleven years ago, the Co-Ed Slayer murdered nine female college students on the Oregon State University campus. Lacey Campbell barely survived his attack, but he killed her best friend, Suzanne, whose body was never found.

Now a forensic odontologist analyzing teeth and bones for the state medical examiner, Lacey is devastated when she identifies Suzanne’s remains at a crime scene. She finds comfort in the arms of ex-cop Jack Harper, and sparks fly between them even as a new reign of terror begins. Someone is killing the witnesses who sent the Co-ed Slayer to prison a decade ago. All the evidence points to the Co-ed Slayer as the culprit, only he’s long since dead. So who’s the new killer?

And is Lacey next in line to die?

Hidden by Kendra Elliot

Hidden by Kendra Elliot is the first book in the Bone Secrets series. There’s no better way to start off a series than with a 5-star rated book. Bravo!

There is so much going on in Hidden, that I don’t even know where to start. That’s a good thing though.

Dr. Lacey Campbell is an odontologist with the state medical examiner’s office. Called to a scene to examine the teeth of a set of bones discarded under a building, she discovers a mouth with distinct dental apparatus’. Combined with the necklace found with the body, she is shocked to realize that it is her friend, Suzanne, who disappeared 11 years ago.

Suzanne’s disappearance was one of the several murders that happened in the same time frame of lovely, blonde gymnasts. The signature, broken femurs.

Now, 11 years later, after the killer is sentenced and died, more deaths with the same broken thighs start cropping up. But wasn’t the killer dead?

My thoughts

Hidden is touted as a romantic thriller. Jack Harper, the former cop, is the wonder of the building in which Lacey found her friends bones. He lays his eyes on Lacey, and sparks fly.

Hidden is a thriller in its right. I’m usually not much of a fan of romance. However, both Jack and Lacey’s characters were very likable. It made me root for their budding romance, which built slowly, then exploded.

There were a lot of moving parts in this book; however, they weren’t too difficult to track.

I liked Lacey and Jack so much that I am a little disappointed that they are not main characters in the next book! It’s easy to find a book that’s fantastic with mediocre characters. But Hidden is NOT one of them. Character development in Hidden is superb. It’s my favorite Kendra Elliot book so far!

Five beautiful stars.

Hidden - Kendra Elliot


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