Follow You Home – Mark Edwards

5 July 2017
Follow You Home Book Cover Follow You Home
Mark Edwards
Thomas & Mercer
30 June 2015
ebook with audible

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure before settling down. After a perfect start, Daniel and Laura s travels end abruptly when they are thrown off a night train in the middle of nowhere. To find their way back to civilization, they must hike along the tracks through a forest a haunting journey that ends in unimaginable terror.

Back in London, Daniel and Laura vow never to talk about what they saw that night. But as they try to fit back into their old lives, it becomes clear that their nightmare is just beginning...

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

Let’s start with a little mini-rant.  It is always a little sad to me when I read a book I truly enjoyed and see it have an average rating below 4.  But that’s not my rant.  My rant is about some of the one star ratings being a bit harsh.  Sure, I’ve given one star ratings before, but I prefer to be constructive rather than simply bashing.  But I digress.

Follow you home by Mark Edwards is a most definite creepy read.  Which I love.  I read the ebook version with the assistance of audible.  It was my first audible book and loved listening to it on a road trip, and also to and from work.

What happened to Daniel and Laura?

Follow you home starts on a train trip where Laura and Daniel are on an adventure.  They meet Ian and Alina, whom convince the sleepy Laura and Daniel to stow away in an empty sleeper compartment for a snooze.  As they come around to check passports, Laura and Daniel awaken to find that theirs are missing.  Alina joins them to assist with Romanian interpretation, and next thing we know, the three of them are thrown off the train.  In Romania.  In the middle of nowhere.

They must walk MILES to get to the nearest town.  Shortly after disembarking from the train, Alina had to pee.  So she went deep in the woods… and never returned.  Daniel and Laura entered the woods with much trepidation and happen upon one of Alina’s boots.  Then upon a creepy house.

Next thing we know, they are running for their lives toward the next town.  And us readers are left to wonder, what exactly did Daniel and Laura see?

My thoughts of Mark Edward’s Follow You Home

First off, though it’s not pertinent to the book – whomever did the reading for the audible version of the ebook did a phenomenal job.  I particularly loved the Romanian accents and he gave each character a unique voice.

But back to the book.  Because I listened to the audible version, I was typically doing other things while I listened.  (Mostly driving).  Therefore, I felt as though I missed some things.  My mind wandered, I was in traffic, phone rang, etc.  But in retrospect, I didn’t really miss anything… it’s just that everything that happened was shrouded in mystery.  Therefore, I’d find out what I thought I missed later on.

Some may find that frustrating, however, I quite enjoyed it.  When I finally stumbled upon an answer, the light bulb would go off and I’d have an “a-ha” moment.  I had a lot of a-ha moments throughout this book.

Mark Edwards weaves a tale of dark and scary, of lies and truths, of mystery and revelations.  This was my first book by Mark Edwards and I have others in queue to read.  I can’t wait.  4 happy stars for Follow You Home by Mark Edwards.

follow you home - mark edwards

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