Consenting Adults – Mark Edwards

26 July 2017
Consenting Adults Book Cover Consenting Adults
Companion Short Story to Follow You Home
Mark Edwards
Psychological Thriller
July 10, 2015

A new short story by Mark Edwards, featuring Edward Rooney, first seen in Edwards' FOLLOW YOU HOME.

Rooney is a private investigator whose life has reached a stalemate he cannot solve. When a Czech woman enters his office one day to ask for assistance, his interest is piqued. What seems like a simple case of tracking down a missing young woman soon becomes a trip down the rabbit hole into the world of sex where consent is only part of the game. As Rooney soon learns, some people have all the fun!

Consenting Adults by Mark Edwards

Consenting Adults by Mark Edwards is a short story featuring Edward Rooney, PI from the 2015 book, Follow You Home.

Petra Krall, a Czech woman in search of her daughter-like employee, approaches private investigator Edward Rooney for help.

Upon investigating her last known address, Edward comes across a disturbing video on her former roommate’s iPad mini.

And the story takes off from there.

I am not much of a fan of short stories. Due to their length, I miss the development of the scenes and characters. Mark Edwards introduces us to Edward Rooney in Follow You Home, which mitigates the lack of character development a little.

I had a feeling I wouldn’t enjoy this as much as his other works, simply because it was a short story. But I give it 4-stars because considering how short it was, the plot was interesting and Mark Edwards did as much development as he could within the confines of a short story.

And in true form of the word short story, I give you a short review.

Mark Edwards Consenting Adults

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