Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris

20 August 2017
Behind Closed Doors Book Cover Behind Closed Doors
B. A. Paris
Psychological Thriller
St. Martin’s Press
11 February 2016
eBook with Audible

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You'd like to get to know Grace better. But it's difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are never apart. Some might call this true love.

Picture this: a dinner party at their perfect home, the conversation and wine flowing. They appear to be in their element while entertaining. And Grace's friends are eager to reciprocate with lunch the following week. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call—so why doesn't Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim?

And why are there bars on one of the bedroom windows?

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris is a phenomenal novel about how deeply appearances can deceive.

I chose to listen to this as an audiobook on a 14-hour drive home from Florida, and boy I’m glad I did because I delighted in listening to it in one sitting.

Even my self-proclaimed bibliophobic teenage son surprised me about 2 hours in with, “This is an interesting story.” And so we listened, together.

He and I both agree that this is a 5-star book through and through.

Jack and Grace Angel are the envy of all of their friends. They have a beautiful home, are perfect dinner party hosts, and couldn’t seem more in love.

Grace has a 17-year-old Down syndrome sister, Millie who will soon be joining them, once she is finished school. Jack adores Millie, and they are excited to have her come live with them. Or so it seems.

Behind Closed Doors is told in alternating periods between past and present. And as the past catches up with the present, you will hear about all of the things that happened, that wasn’t shown to you before. I loved the flow of the book and enjoyed it even more once the past caught up.

Can I take Millie home to a yellow bedroom?

And how adorable is Millie? B.A. Paris wrote the character of Millie superbly. I wanted to take her home and have her live with me in a yellow bedroom (and not a red one!). To me, she made the book what it was. Millie is my favorite fictional character of 2017.

The ending of the book was amazingly subtle. My bibliophobic son proclaimed, “That was a great ending.” And I concur.

Not only was this a great bonding experience between my son and I (we even high fived a few times!) but it was SUCH an enjoyable book. Five bright stars. I can’t wait to read more of B.A. Paris’ books. Bring them on.  I thought it would be difficult to find a book to follow Carol Wyer’s The Missing Girls, but this one did it.

Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris

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