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25 June 2017

Zannie ReadingAbout Zannie

My name is Zannie and I live in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area in Virginia.  As you may have guessed, I enjoy dark, twisty books.  I loved Nancy Drew as a kid and by the time I was 13, I was reading Stephen King.

I started reviewing for Netgalley, which is where I connected with my favorite publishing company, bookouture.  They promote their authors fervently, they have beautiful cover art, they are very interactive with bloggers and readers, and most of all, they have wonderful books that keep me engaged and happy.

I read for other publishers as well, I have several favorites, including HQ Digital, Avon Books UK, Bonnier Zaffre, Crown Publishing, Lake Union Publishing, Orion Books, Midnight Ink, St. Martin’s Press, and Thomas & Mercer.

I read about 60 books per year and always have my nose in my iPad or phone, reading.  Typically, I read two books at a time, one audio book and one Kindle book.  But my house has never been so clean because I usually listen while cleaning!  “Just one more chapter!”

Bruce and Zannie

I have a 15-year-old son named Bruce who is an avid non-reader, much to my dismay. He is, on the other hand, an avid mather.  Bruce wants to study statistics and his dream job is to become a statistician for the NFL or an NFL team.

He plays flag football, basketball, Xbox, and watches a lot of youtube.

Maury Dog Book HolderMaury

My best friend and part-time book holder is Maury.  He is a 120 pound Great Pyrenees/Golden mix who is the epitome of warm fuzzies.  Maury follows me everywhere and loves to snuggle.

He enjoys bully sticks, chewing recyclables, chasing the cat, and getting belly rubs.  Maury is happy-go-lucky, sometimes lazy, kinda flakey, but has a high level of emotional intelligence.  If you need a good cry, he is THERE!  In your face.  On your lap.  Climbing on you.  Smothering you.  lol


On the other hand, my black cat Nora is the epitome of cold and icy.  I love her to bits, but I’m pretty sure she hates everyone, including herself.  She’s funny though, she loves my hair scrunchies and leaves them in all of her favorite places.  Her bed, her food bowl, the toilet.

Maury Dog and Nora Angry CatJust look at that little crabby face. Makes me want to pinch her cheeks.

But back to books…

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
Neil Gaiman, Coralina

  • I get most of my books that I review from Netgalley.  My personal review policy is, if I am not sure I can stick with it, then I won’t review it.  It’s not fair to the authors if I don’t finish their books.  Therefore, most of my reviews are above 3 stars and my feedback ratio is almost always above 80%.
  • I DO buy books.  If I have the luxury of reviewing a book I think I will love as part of a series, I will purchase the rest of the series.  My TBR is full of a whole slew of purchased books I review as well.
  • I do not have a background in creative writing or literature.  However, like the average customer, I am simply a reader who likes to share her thoughts on books.
  • I love reading new authors.  And when they are fantastic new authors, I love telling them so.  Lots.

If you have a book you feel I’d be interested in reviewing, please feel free to contact me.  Or contact me if you just want to chat.

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